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Hey! I'm Jack "CouRage" Dunlop and welcome to my USlift Channel!

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CouRage Reads Mean Tweets
2 months ago
Nemhra 19 hours ago
Do a 100 thieves reaction to ksi or the sdmn altogether I think it would be good
Fuosity 19 hours ago
how did he get his nails done?
Connor Kirby
Connor Kirby 20 hours ago
Courage sidemen link up vid???
Dub YT ツ
Dub YT ツ 20 hours ago
missin this map
Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen 20 hours ago
There were some many memories
Trever Olsen
Trever Olsen 20 hours ago
Anyone remember when mrbeast donated $70000 to courage
JULIO AGUILAR 20 hours ago
CouRage keep reacting to the Sidemen plz 🙏🏻
Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper 20 hours ago
I rate that is fine, yes
KTM 21 hour ago
6:17 *them yelling* Me: over here eating 👁👄👁
A Archer
A Archer 21 hour ago
Stephen Tries is the GOAT
giovanni vega
giovanni vega 21 hour ago
Ayan Xx
Ayan Xx 21 hour ago
Copied thumbnail 💀💀
NAVE 21 hour ago
The map. The graphics. The skins. The loot. 🥺
Fotis Fikiris
Fotis Fikiris 21 hour ago
why are your nails painted?
E 21 hour ago
Love the nails Jack
Cuan McQuaide
Cuan McQuaide 22 hours ago
Big up the uk g
Nelson Cintron
Nelson Cintron 22 hours ago
We need more😂
Dani3l Mills
Dani3l Mills 22 hours ago
Need a sidemen x 100t vid
X iTz PeEdE X
X iTz PeEdE X 22 hours ago
So glad you react to sidemen videos, you nick and tim are awsome aswell
WraithenOne 98
WraithenOne 98 22 hours ago
I have a over $120 yeti mic and for some reason to everyone else it's the worst mic ever but every time I check it it sounds fine I dont understand.
Drake Spohn
Drake Spohn 22 hours ago
React to the roast of the sidemen please
x Mikey
x Mikey 22 hours ago
That one was a violation
Lewis Kenny
Lewis Kenny 22 hours ago
Yanks can’t do comedy 👍🏼
Swipper 23 hours ago
What is that thumbnail
Colby Booth
Colby Booth 23 hours ago
Can we get some videoa with connor
Jack Drucker
Jack Drucker 23 hours ago
You have the same birthday as me so I looked u up on famous birthdays and it says your birthday is on the 24th and not the 23rd. They also say you are a sportscaster
Brian D
Brian D 23 hours ago
More uno please
Daniel Clyne
Daniel Clyne 23 hours ago
The best part was the trees of basil
supersupernig sexyboy
I hope that the people who disliked have worm pillows on both sides
Chef PeNz0
Chef PeNz0 23 hours ago
Maddy is one of those who gets it wrong then says “oh I was gonna put that”🤣
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Day ago
😭😭😭😭 the good old days
****** ///yoboys
Not even drunk what so ever me and my boys do better than this weak shit smh
Take the paint of your nails omg I’m unsubscribing
Bradley Kinden
honestly, too much zooming in on your face. even tho its gorgeous.
John Frehse
John Frehse Day ago
jack is sick
??? Day ago
Omg no jack why have u also painted ur nails now
Jason Fdez
Jason Fdez Day ago
Why he stand like thay mason if like mason mad 24/7
Team Lazers
Team Lazers Day ago
7:30 hes what now jack? You hit em once😳
Yes make more food jd
Jackson Leach
I don’t like the black nails man
yung cal
yung cal Day ago
I rate you CourageJD
Dylan Peniston
We love these videos sidemen community is the most dedicated out of them all
David G_YT
David G_YT Day ago
i just notice jack painted his nails
Emily Ludwikowski
i want you to watch the sidemen again, it is so funny and why is your fingernails black
j k
j k Day ago
The fact you have to be a member just to comment on your streams is horse shit. Do better.
Gbiggs 33
Gbiggs 33 Day ago
2hype funniest moments
scott taylor
scott taylor Day ago
Enjoyed the video what I could hear of it as the video clips were too quite at times to hear
RIZ3 Day ago
If you rate something its pretty much respecting something, so I rate that= I respect that
Cjudkiinz Day ago
Yes you get a UK W bro
Caris Levert
Caris Levert Day ago
courage Imma need you to react to does the shoe fit on footasylum
jmorton1231 Day ago
You should react to Sidemen Lie detector
Ewan Welford
Ewan Welford Day ago
Yes Jack, using the term 'I rate that' within that certain context would be the correct usage of the slang
Jamie Bostick
Dude do more Ramsay cooking videos
Getting someone to who could get my accounts awfixed wasn’t easy but I finally got JAVA _TECHZ on Instagram and he did it perfectly
Deneil B
Deneil B Day ago
courage a tip I have for these videos is to raise the volume of the videos because there is no balance between your mic and the video volume that you play. :) have a great day!
Bentas 23
Bentas 23 Day ago
more of sidemen and please 100 thieves and sidemen colab
S Jurzak
S Jurzak Day ago
Part two!!!
They should feature courage in a video.
Claude Tunstall Richards
That is a
Daiwik Poojary
0:41 freakin' hell?! 😂
Daiwik Poojary
0:01 Sheesh!
Claytz Day ago
i rate this
Andre Robles
Andre Robles Day ago
Sidemen x 100 Thieves soon????????
Classified YT
JJ is the best
Jaden Buchhop
This man is really a peace of shit lol
Paradox BTW
Paradox BTW Day ago
I rate that 😂
Shanelle rosie Badby
uk dub for u rate means ur impressed/respect
Tom Youngblood
You got mentioned on what’s good lol with Miniminter and Randolph would recommend a watch
Floris ten Hagen
who eats a burger with one hand wtf
K Dotzz
K Dotzz Day ago
Yh you got the “ I rate it” slang right