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2 months ago
lul Cloudyy
lul Cloudyy 15 hours ago
7:00 I just wanna ram my duck in the wall
lul Cloudyy
lul Cloudyy 15 hours ago
Bit Explorer
Bit Explorer 15 hours ago
Pretty sure Brooke only puts up with Symfuhny because he is always around and she never goes out, otherwise, that kid would be single so damn quick!
BamBoniTastic 15 hours ago
I love jack but I got gibaited
Alexia 16 hours ago
“my viewers are 13 years old.” *me, a 26 year old staring at the screen*
Deezzy Fettuccine
Deezzy Fettuccine 16 hours ago
The -1 tho lmao good edit whoever added that
mohawk da kidd
mohawk da kidd 16 hours ago
You just disrespected vikstar
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera 16 hours ago
7:00 wtf 😂😂😂
Alec Riley
Alec Riley 16 hours ago
A bench isn't a squat rack😂😂😂
Cxnny GAMING 16 hours ago
The J_Ace Gaming
The J_Ace Gaming 16 hours ago
Brooke deserves better lmao
lee Kelly
lee Kelly 16 hours ago
2:36 I'm dead I'm dead Dosint take 1 heart
Danielfoxo99 16 hours ago
Hi love ur vids keep it going
ッBuff6a6y 16 hours ago
hi :)
Ari Louis
Ari Louis 16 hours ago
Hey courage can you get like a stabilizer for your camera. I be getting a little sick watching the vids. Especially like the first minute
Dees Nuts
Dees Nuts 16 hours ago
The separate prepared conspicuously grease because parade rheologically laugh pro a observant memory. earthy, romantic spade
Joey B
Joey B 16 hours ago
Courage compared to Valkyrae you look tall asf
Marcus Sarandopoulos
Maddie is greek? I like her more now. Good job jack
GHOST 15 17 hours ago
Jackfrags?? , Stodeh?? !!!
VoXzy 17 hours ago
Bro it’s your fault that you don’t grind and practice to get good it’s competitive u are not gonna be facing bots in a competitive game (no offense) stop hating on the game
CrypticAcon 17 hours ago
Sooo 4,333 for the tonal, Peloton is like 2,613... I guess that's what a successful USliftr is like.
TreeBoy 17 hours ago
6:59 i require context for that please
Seth Laconico
Seth Laconico 17 hours ago
Try playing mobile games on your second channel
Kyle Joseph
Kyle Joseph 17 hours ago
can we only get a compilation of Gary with Tim’s voice over? they’re so priceless
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello 18 hours ago
andrew palacios
andrew palacios 18 hours ago
Symfuhny never simps
G X 18 hours ago
The Queen arrives at 7:03 You're welcome fellow human beans :)
MrWilds 18 hours ago
Jack you should start wrestling😂
L&A kosakowski
L&A kosakowski 18 hours ago
Piyasree Roy x Swapnil Roy
Frags. 18 hours ago
You should do more of these blogs thefts so entertaining
Jacob Wifield
Jacob Wifield 18 hours ago
Jack your kinda clickbait
Blizz93 18 hours ago
“A squat rack” *points to the bench*
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 18 hours ago
Time to deliver that imposter tier list Jack
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 18 hours ago
No Iron 🤔 what!? Good vid by the by
Excel Magic
Excel Magic 18 hours ago
I’m 11 JACK
Juan Aranda
Juan Aranda 18 hours ago
Love the advice you gave your gf man
diego 18 hours ago
loving the vlogs
Liam Powers
Liam Powers 19 hours ago
Iq of 1,000,000
RaFo 19 hours ago
Pls give a warning for High exposure!
NARKON_8 2 19 hours ago
I see JHB in the video, I like the video
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 hours ago
I’m a 32 year only human being. I’m not 13.
Jackson Hasenauer
Jackson Hasenauer 19 hours ago
Edgar Guadarrama
Edgar Guadarrama 19 hours ago
aye look it’s sym the n bomb master
Jaq 19 hours ago
Jack says the gym is in the Basement. But jack once you get down to the Basement your workout is already over.
Igniter Igniter
Igniter Igniter 19 hours ago
subscribe to Igniter Igniter
Charlie Grace
Charlie Grace 19 hours ago
What about Adam and Steve
Runsondeezl 19 hours ago
Why at 7:00 minutes do I hear @timthetatman say "I just want to ram my dick in to the wall"?
Andrew Del Pozzi
Andrew Del Pozzi 20 hours ago
I want more Gordon Ramsey
michael spellman
michael spellman 20 hours ago
Bro she’s good. Little advice. Never tell your lady what’s up lol. Danger zone!!! Hahahahahah plus you’re lucky to even have a girl let her talk hahahhahaahah
Jihyo 20 hours ago
I see Valkyrae, I click
The Bilster
The Bilster 20 hours ago
-1 on the last punch at 0:52 killed me💀💀
RDzay 20 hours ago
ninext and tonyboy
Food Reacts
Food Reacts 20 hours ago
broooke is not it for me
Food Reacts
Food Reacts 20 hours ago
100t house is too sick
ThePogFella 20 hours ago
Iv always wanted to be 13 again yaayyyyyyy. Thanks Jack
Thomas Sharples
Thomas Sharples 21 hour ago
Where does tim saying ' I just wanna ram my d**k into a wall' come from. Just as the dog walks outside before rae first shows up
Me trying to close the ad
ZazelHD 21 hour ago
I need to see Maddie making some Greek meatballs and tzatziki - Greek heritage gang unite
Pablo Pollito
Pablo Pollito 21 hour ago
Clickbaiting with a waifu smh
Ryan Nolfi
Ryan Nolfi 21 hour ago
What happened to rust?
Sandy Hopkins
Sandy Hopkins 21 hour ago
Where is the nadeshot challenge bro
Yarin Renfurm
Yarin Renfurm 21 hour ago
I disliked this just bc he doesn't like twix 🤣
Georgios Mangoutas
Georgios Mangoutas 21 hour ago
Ofcourse avgolemono uslift.info/one/fX6un8eK1ZZnrno/video.html
Alex Kararyel
Alex Kararyel 21 hour ago
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 21 hour ago
Imax 21 hour ago
awesome vlog dude keep up the great work :)
Guadalupe Reynoso
Guadalupe Reynoso 22 hours ago
Lol did he call the bench press a squat rack
Liam Robinson
Liam Robinson 22 hours ago
i was very interested in what Maddie was saying before the tips
Colonel Kipper
Colonel Kipper 22 hours ago
The attention span comment got me because i was about to stop watching the video
Ace _gaming
Ace _gaming 22 hours ago
When the call starts jack”you guys are authentic
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson 22 hours ago
Sym ain't no simp from looool
GioSh 22 hours ago
Where is Z and Doc?
keatonk94 22 hours ago
Lol funny how you wear a mask in but take the mask off around all the same people.. talk about defeating the purpose of it😂
George Fayers
George Fayers 22 hours ago
Hey courage. Do not not if you will see this but i have a video idea. you should try to win a game of war zone whilst in a plane or boat!