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taking a break...
Day ago
Rodrick The Great
Rodrick The Great 21 hour ago
Still here regardless man
KING LYONS 21 hour ago
When has there ever been a streamer mode for any game just shut up and enjoy the game your in a great position being paid to play games so suck it up and man uo
Elanic _
Elanic _ 21 hour ago
Fortnite season 10 all over again. Everyone leaving the game
Corey Shuma
Corey Shuma 21 hour ago
Dont really care what you play. I watch because you're entertaining. Great content always!
Dillon Greco
Dillon Greco 21 hour ago
When youre having fun on stream it makes the content 1000x better so you gotta play what you want and have fun and the real ones will be there
BucsGirl_133 21 hour ago
Jack you do it I don’t care what you play I only tune in because it’s you your the reason why I tune in cause your funny and very entertaining❤️
injoy987 21 hour ago
Way to make the right decision, put the foot down and hold your ground. They will see the people leave the game. They only have themselves to blame
V1llin 21 hour ago
When u have fun with a game we have fun to cus we feel your excitement and your energy
CVM Gaming
CVM Gaming 21 hour ago
Throwing in stonehaven like nobody would notice
CVM Gaming
CVM Gaming 21 hour ago
Look u clearly dont know cod if u think they make updates. U cant even play public matches on zombies without host migration
Colino 03
Colino 03 21 hour ago
Let’s goooo war zone is trash
CrankedGamer 21 hour ago
Do a podcast with you four
ichatterbot 21 hour ago
So strange that warzone has not had more content updates….they should be near the level of Fortnite on content drops, but instead they make Apex seem super fast. No ranked mode or private lobbies in warzone either? Bizarre.
Lembone Gaming
Lembone Gaming 21 hour ago
LOVE IT MAN! maybe, just maybe they'll realize the big streamers are taking a break and it'll force their hand. all love to you and yours
Josemaría Robledano Soldevilla
Thank good
Ramiro Reyes
Ramiro Reyes 21 hour ago
Boy the fact you put out multiple vids of you spectating people just shows how trash your content been recently
ace_writergirl 21 hour ago
And, oh, yanno, there's the whole lawsuit against Activision Blizzard...
DK Merkules
DK Merkules 21 hour ago
Bro, the fact that you are wearing a Tim shirt is dope as fuck. I absolutely love the camaraderie that exists within the streaming community and how you guys lift each other up to the next level together. Play what you want to man. If anyone has an issue send em my way. These hands are rated E for everyone. Thanks for being you, Jack.
wfb Sosa
wfb Sosa 21 hour ago
I resubbed when you got back into apex because you started having fun and that energy is what draws me to the courageous!!!
h3ptic 21 hour ago
holy this whole video is so inspirational tf
Stephen Person
Stephen Person 21 hour ago
Robert Kwiatkowski
Robert Kwiatkowski 21 hour ago
Just play what you wanna play man, games are for fun and the real fans will watch you no matter the game you play
Supskyalr 21 hour ago
The apex content is going so hard. Keep it up Jack!
Anthony Langlois
Anthony Langlois 21 hour ago
Good for you! Need to do what best for you and I'm excited to see new things other than just warzone. Keep grinding, and do what you love!
Novaki 21 hour ago
Warzone and cod sucks now because of Activision, they have become EA, just look at every game they own, heck, just look at blizzard....anything Activision touch sucks ass, they only care about money, I never thought I'd see the day some other gaming company is worse than EA...fuck Activision
iTzz_Solo_Shot Gaming
Been playing since the original MW. Currently top 5000 on PSN Multiplayer. I agree with many points stated here. This is the first time seeing Courage and I'll throw a sub for telling it how it is!
Aaron PkmnMaster
Aaron PkmnMaster 21 hour ago
Bring back among us 👀👀
robert heyano
robert heyano 21 hour ago
Cedric Koppen
Cedric Koppen 21 hour ago
I mostly miss out on the streams because of the difference in time zone, so i rewatch a lot of them. But when i see warzone in the thumbnail i am not that eager to watch the streams because i know your energy will be off because of the game... Play what you love because we love to see the goofy Jack! Keep up the grond brother!
Prime Photography PHX
Hope more streamers use their leverage for change
Sweeping the nation With demonetization
I went on a break a year ago…..still goin
Tyler Hone
Tyler Hone 21 hour ago
Mental is most important. Once u get ur mental right the money may be down at first but get in the best headspace and the $$$$ will follow
Elixar 21 hour ago
At jack it doesn’t matter what game u play we watch u bc ur super funny and just entertaining
KingWizard96 21 hour ago
Please play more league of legends jack. I watched you stream league and you’re what got me into it. You should also que with and cloak in valorant
Tony Vega
Tony Vega 21 hour ago
April fools?
Alex White
Alex White 21 hour ago
Play Deep Rock Galactic or Overwatch with your Crew! Great games to play with your buddies!
Tactical Ice
Tactical Ice 21 hour ago
You have always been kinda hit or miss for me as far as keeping my interest on content. But I fully agree with you on this. I want to love to play this one but i have a hard time as of lately.
Shane H
Shane H 21 hour ago
Matthew Peppers
Matthew Peppers 21 hour ago
I think all warzone players should do this. Make activision pay (literally) for not taking care of their game and community
MartyPhoon 21 hour ago
Still Flipping
Still Flipping 21 hour ago
Try Hell Let Loose
Profyre 21 hour ago
Just do what you love Jack, the Courageous will stand behind you!
Agent piggles
Agent piggles 21 hour ago
At this point I am so sick out of my mind from cod, I rly only enjoy apex and some gta
Max li
Max li 21 hour ago
Cody Pollard
Cody Pollard 21 hour ago
nice clickbait
COdeNaMeBOOm 21 hour ago
Warzone has really let itself go.
Thin 21 hour ago
Tbh I got bored of the new cod games but if you need a break take one it will make I feel better and play what game u like even us as a community might enjoy or not I'll still enjoy it hope u doing ok that's to all of u as well with covid still exsisting stay safe
Toma Kapitan
Toma Kapitan 21 hour ago
You re good man
Pro rapterslyer (Rapter)
I agree I have been playing apex sense season 3 have and I love it and to be onest you and Tim should play over watch
O G 21 hour ago
REspect your decision, you are a great content creator and should be having fun when doing so. Play what you like and the views will eventually grow. Variety streams are great for lots of people and could be great for you. Good luck.
King Cygnus
King Cygnus 21 hour ago
Not a single mention of the scandal and lawsuit surrounding Activision having ANY impact on this decision? Shame on you, Jack. Be better.
x Mikey
x Mikey 21 hour ago
Yeah I feel him the only reason I play warzone now is when my friends ask me to I don’t willing play it anymore
godkarma 21 hour ago
Karan Thind
Karan Thind 21 hour ago
You hardly post
Soren Carnail
Soren Carnail 21 hour ago
i will always support you bro!
Travis Lockwood
Travis Lockwood 21 hour ago
Do what you have to do bud, I understand. From a mental standpoint, you can only do and take so much. I respect your decision and no matter what type of content you release, I'm down for whatever YAH-YEET!!! keep up the good work!
LeftHandClutch 21 hour ago
I think Warzone would be better if their employees werent blackout drunk
Harry Hemingway
Harry Hemingway 21 hour ago
Always do what makes you happy. Life’s too short to do shit that makes you miserable. ❤️ we got your back. Ps. Please do a podcast.
fitmandave 21 hour ago
You got addicted to money. Playing games for most income, only playing games for sponsorship. Doing cash giveaway only when its sponsored and someone elses money. You went all money, corporate and clickbait, which is why I stopped watching. Get your natural essence back of just gaming for humour and fun.
Jowell De Jesus
Jowell De Jesus 21 hour ago
I say I'm never gonna play WarZone again but then I end up playing it again. It's just so addicting. And I have been a CoD fan since CoD4
Taino 21 hour ago
Im sorry to say this as a cod fan but i think they don’t do mayor changes because they are busy harassing women… i would be glad if streamers talked about it more and kinda boycott because some people spent money and they still can get their shit together 😥
508FPV GAMING 21 hour ago
never apologize for making a change. fans will stay fans. you owe no one. people watch you for your entertainment not for the game you play.
Warrick 21 hour ago
More apex YEASSSSSS!!!
K1NG_JUG 21 hour ago
do what makes you happy, if you dont are you really living
Alex Strauss
Alex Strauss 21 hour ago
Just curious, am I wrong to say that there is already a streamer mode? The names change to something random, am I wrong?
JE Hawkins
JE Hawkins 21 hour ago
Yeah I just played apex recently and I’ve been hooked on it
Spideyy 21 hour ago
minecraft, i miss it.
Diego Rodz
Diego Rodz 21 hour ago
It takes two its amazing… with marcel
MrPineapplezz69 21 hour ago
Battlefield 1 or rust gameplay for me personally would be amazing to watch
Lucas Reed
Lucas Reed 21 hour ago
This sounds like a break up video
THOMEEES 21 hour ago
Why doesn’t everyone that plays Warzone all get together and buy hacks for like a week, guaranteed they’ll fix it then.
Collindabozz 21 hour ago
Love this video
Robert 21 hour ago
POD cast is definitely a great idea.
Damien Houser
Damien Houser 21 hour ago
We support u 😁👍
freddyisready 21 hour ago
Blacks OP 3 battle royale
Mumbling Bearded Freak
Apex baby!
Joseph Blasko
Joseph Blasko 21 hour ago
Jack try some survival games
aj 21 hour ago
I’m just a Jack fan don’t really care what you play
Mr Castle
Mr Castle 21 hour ago
Love you CouRage, I am not a sub but I will always continue to support you know matter what you do. You bring so many joy and laughter for us. Looking forward what you do ❤
jedi master clinton
Hit the nail on the head man. We love you dawg.