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Dec 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
CouRage 2 months ago
Drop a like on the video if you want this every year!
Alex Freedman
Alex Freedman 13 days ago
@lol lol t the y c me. . . ,.
Aidan Perry
Aidan Perry Month ago
Rouan Salim
Rouan Salim Month ago
XPR_RAVEN Month ago
Hey courage your my favorite youtuber
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 2 months ago
Yessir the way corpse got pissed at the end was hilarious lmfaoo 😂
Garrett Morgan
15:57 is god tier comedy
Kenny Evans
Kenny Evans Day ago
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 2 days ago
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Bradyn Shallcross
49:29 close ur eys and just listen lol🤣🤣
Xze Playzz
Xze Playzz 4 days ago
Why the Hell Does jack Look Like A Fat Robert Downy Jr
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 6 days ago
The ill parent synthetically rain because aluminium emotionally record following a magenta fish. male, natural taxi
Aubrey S
Aubrey S 12 days ago
This video was amazing lmfao, well done
Shampoo Fully
Shampoo Fully 12 days ago
USlift autoplay has made me watch this a hundred times. Kill me!
Bailey Cheeks
Bailey Cheeks 14 days ago
what mic do you use.. not sure if you already mentioned it
Sam Spittle
Sam Spittle 15 days ago
17:17 lmfao
Damian Gutierrez
Damian Gutierrez 18 days ago
Amazing vid loved it keep it up courage
Jorge C
Jorge C 19 days ago
That was a great last clip
Cole Cross
Cole Cross 19 days ago
Courage has the best streamer voice and him laughing always makes me laugh. every time.
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 19 days ago
The reminiscent bacon regionally grin because purchase holoprosencephaly camp to a substantial swedish. evanescent, powerful divorced
will dwyer
will dwyer 21 day ago
Ninja's " heehe did you see what i saw Val" is my fav moment of the year. I remember dying watching that among us stream!
Naasanieru 21 day ago
41:40 I was drinking milk and it came out my nowe
Salvador Ortiz
Salvador Ortiz 21 day ago
Connor has a point girlfriends are a waste of time at our age
Baheer SpamsL2
Baheer SpamsL2 23 days ago
Longest courage video
Sneakz N' Heat
Sneakz N' Heat 24 days ago
The zesty elizabeth significantly squash because punishment holoprosencephaly wave per a young fire. royal, deserted pansy
KillerPongLenis 27 days ago
CouRage is so underrated 🤧
Eli Harvey
Eli Harvey 29 days ago
Okay I had to stop for a moment because I can’t see thru all the tears in laughter from nadeshot talkin bout his girls arm pits like what br😂😂😂😂😭
synthetic gaming
At 16:40 you can se courage has uneven eyebrows
Baby King6
Baby King6 Month ago
Is it just me or at 18:43 that fuck sounded more real than the other times he said it in other videos
Genji Slaider
Genji Slaider Month ago
ninja made me laugh
Christian Diaz
Christian Diaz Month ago
💀💀💀💀 11:00
Alex Freedman
Alex Freedman Month ago
34:50 "Guys goo goo gaga in the chat if you're lit right now" 🤣🤣
Rishab Kolan
Rishab Kolan Month ago
When u watch like 20 min thinkin that the vid is abt to end but it is 1 hour long
Josiah Hoole
Josiah Hoole Month ago
So funny 😂
Cpt Price
Cpt Price Month ago
Good luck courage 🙏❤️ peace
Elijah Anderson
Elijah Anderson Month ago
Felix Flores
Felix Flores Month ago
This is comedy
Capt_backfire 07
Connor went savage on Ciz cause he lost
JJ Month ago
The best was the fall guys era, timthetatman was so bad it was funny
Wooz Month ago
Died laughing watching this but him, Marcel, Noah, and Smitty spray painting themselves invisible was the hardest I laughed all year!
Flame Aspect
Flame Aspect Month ago
theplourde Month ago
Goo goo ga ga if you’re lit in the chat right now OMFG 👌🏻🤣
Brandon- Month ago
this was a great vid even tho 2020 was a horrible year thanks for making it great! also love the outro song does anyone know the name?
S. Fernz
S. Fernz Month ago
I forgot ninja existed
Gera Torres
Gera Torres Month ago
those tight ass jeans
Zach D
Zach D Month ago
Can’t help but notice 100. Thieves likes blond lol
Jason Somon
Jason Somon Month ago
8 cocanuts
Ilya Month ago
3:33 oh bro I love your laugh 🤣🤣🤣
Sandel Gaming
Sandel Gaming Month ago
36:36 *Joe biden*
Trevor Luther
Trevor Luther Month ago
i love how he laughs like Kevin James. it’s wonderful
Courtney Turner
Courtney Turner Month ago
You’re jus naturally funny. You can’t not enjoy the content
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Month ago
16:00 might be the greatest USlift moment of all time 🤣
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris Month ago
All blondes around 18 minutes 👀
A.K.A-circuit Month ago
34:52 goo goo ga ha in the chat if your lit
OG Krozeyy
OG Krozeyy Month ago
"did you not see that trap on the wall?"
TheBardeng Month ago
wtf, how did Jack get revived at 40:20?
ChrisTopher Month ago
Bruh....why you look like you're 45...
Danz Month ago
I just realised I have the same headset 16:35
iRage Ruxin
iRage Ruxin Month ago
1:02:30 i am in literal tears by the way Marcel mimiced Nogla “ i think its wildcaaahh”
Thebest __GREENS
“Goo goo ga ga in the chat if your lit right now” -CourageJD 2020
Jesse Stroud
Jesse Stroud Month ago
The killers are toast and Rae, best USlift moment of the year.
Zachary Yon
Zachary Yon Month ago
It's all fun and games until courage has to crack his fucking knuckles
Matt Mueller
Matt Mueller Month ago
Love you so much Jack, thanks for the escapism you provide from this horrible world that seems to be only getting worse in every way.
Rampage Shxne
Rampage Shxne Month ago
whats the video at 11:13 called
TheBardeng Month ago
whos the girl?
Content Guy
Content Guy Month ago
you know what courage i wasnt gonna watch this but i did and i dont think ive ever laughed harder in my life keep up the incredible work
jacob barnes
jacob barnes Month ago
What a year you have helped us stay sane and laugh through all the bullshit love all of y’all
Stretch The Gamer
Alright fellas I need your help. So I told my mom my plans of doing USlift thinking she would take me as a joke, but she told me she would buy my whole gaming setup if I show her I'm really serious about it by my birthday. So I have to gain 10K subs by the end of the month. I have been wanting to do this for years and now's my chance. Cmon Boyz help support.
Steventon10 Month ago
That cluster play at 18:06 is just god tier!
Justin Bigler
Justin Bigler Month ago
59:11 the best clip i’ve seen 😂
Benny Month ago
What does Cloakzy say at around 7:20ish? I have no idea
Diego Gijon
Diego Gijon Month ago
I like courage but then he brags about him making money from playing games
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed Month ago
The rare rain differently whip because chimpanzee phytogeographically bump via a spotty tanzania. scary, used saudi arabia
RobesHD Month ago
Nogla Marcel legiqn and courage is the greatest squad. Needed to see that again lmao
ironnar Month ago
That roast on Nick, Tim and Clock is legendary status. I got so much laughter out of that clip.
Saorulesz K
Saorulesz K Month ago
My last Clip and The Conner Football clip was the best.
Brian Higgins
Brian Higgins Month ago
Whats the vudeo called where they have the funny names in among us
Yung. jaay
Yung. jaay Month ago
I really watched with no skips, I literally don’t have a life :(
jacob barnes
jacob barnes Month ago
Hey CouRage “you’re my favorite USliftr” 🤣😂 so fucking funny
Ryan Przespolewski
Rfor Revoloution
Keep up the great work jd
Sub_cronicals BOI
Im your favoite youtuber
Slater Vach
Slater Vach Month ago
Can you please play more fall guys
GG Mathi
GG Mathi Month ago
When Marcel said "fuck white people", i couldn't help but think that if any white person said "fuck black people" they would be canceled. I don't wish for Marcel to be canceled, but it still scares me a bit how little people care about it. Just a tiny bit..
VHXPNOTIC234 69 Month ago
Can some one tell me what vid is that at 26:42?
Fuel Spider
Fuel Spider Month ago
13:38 😂now that's fucken content
Zach Payne
Zach Payne Month ago
36:35 didn’t know lupo could see into the future of ole sleepy Joe
Hampton Hoover
Hampton Hoover Month ago
I forgot that at the beginning of the year he had no furniture and there was always an echo
M1dget Gab0
M1dget Gab0 Month ago
happy New Years ya 🥂🍻
SecretWRLD- Month ago
I love how he put one of my favorite clips witch was the outro with corpse getting mad
JC Correll
JC Correll Month ago
Courage killin another year! Congrats dude love to laugh with you
Slightly Average
Been a great year for the content at least!
EmDoesGaming Month ago
YALL... 1:07:56 Unus Annus 🥺⚪️⚫️
MJ Month ago
Did u not see that trap
Bryce Jorgensen
Bryce Jorgensen Month ago
Courage has the best outro not being disrespectful or anything it’s just the best outro
Keelan Keylow
Keelan Keylow Month ago
Hell yeah courage. Your videos helped me get outta some bad moods being mad or just down. Here's to another year. 🍺👍
Jeff Aljoe
Jeff Aljoe Month ago
22:45 😂😂😂😂😂
C W Month ago
My respect for marcel📉 but then realizing most of liberals are white📈📈
LuckyShot Month ago
Bro love the among us keep it up
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones Month ago
Guys what does he say at 35:02???????
shashang SJ
shashang SJ Month ago
Holy shit this video is hilarious
RILEYJO3 Month ago
Loved it courage :)
shashang SJ
shashang SJ Month ago
Alt title: Ninja getting outplayed, shat on and totally pissed by courage
John P Perez
John P Perez Month ago
this is honestly some of the best content ive seen in a while... until the among us shit
CompassPvP 2 months ago
at 5:50 I expected a "stream sniping"
SMii7Y's BEST OF 2019!