CORPSE AND TOAST VS COURAGE as Impostor on Among Us... 

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Nov 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 19 days ago
I remember when mrbeast donated 70000
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 19 days ago
Who else
Levi Hix
Levi Hix Month ago
Did anyone else get ocd when his subscribers kept switching from 87k to 88k? Like gosh people why you unsubbing from Courage, he’s awesome
Seamus McGovern
Seamus McGovern 2 months ago
carl is so weird around brooke lol
Jenna Leigh
Jenna Leigh 2 months ago
Had a busy few weeks and finally able to catch up on the best among us youtuber!
Zephyr _
Zephyr _ 2 months ago
Is no one going to mention that he sounds exacty like Remi from Ratatouille and actually looks a little like a much younger version of the guy who actually voices him? No? Just me? Ok.
Girldatsaaron _
Girldatsaaron _ 2 months ago
My nzxt pc comes on friday! very excited
Thomas cantu
Thomas cantu 2 months ago
Put the letter or shield somewhere in the vids
T MoneyTCG
T MoneyTCG 2 months ago
New sub here man love that your playing with corpse man. Keep up the work
Flamez 23
Flamez 23 2 months ago
I won an 1v7 game if among us today
Max Rathmanner
Max Rathmanner 2 months ago
Looking Fit CouRage!
Colton ColeSlaw
Colton ColeSlaw 2 months ago
I love y'all playing with karl!!! Karl the goat!
Austin Peak
Austin Peak 2 months ago
I hate karl
shreds_ boxed_you
shreds_ boxed_you 2 months ago
3:59 brain was dead
Sadriel ortiz
Sadriel ortiz 2 months ago
Bruh no 🧢 I wonder how long it takes to edit these vids
Cassidy Bechard
Cassidy Bechard 3 months ago
Omg this lobby was such an amazing array of random ppl I love it
Sean Lohr
Sean Lohr 3 months ago
Karl mad simping for Brooke and I cannot blame him
Conner 3 months ago
Go to hydrodays.com if you want good water bottles that site is the best!
Easton FitzHugh
Easton FitzHugh 3 months ago
every time courage tries to concentrate it looks like hes eating the mic... lol like in 2:44
Roberto Barajaz
Roberto Barajaz 3 months ago
Dude just said 10% off OR.. 10% off.. haha
Barrel_Racer_ 88
Barrel_Racer_ 88 3 months ago
You need to do a video with James Charles and Larray
Zytro 3 months ago
Among us is slowly dying:((
hannahplays 3 months ago
I know this is kinda random but I love this short story for bbh fans uslift.infouiV0K82tu5M
Kasoy29 3 months ago
jake white
jake white 3 months ago
11min video 30 sec of game play 10min 30 sec of intro
Chris Tube 2012
Chris Tube 2012 3 months ago
Courage you are Charlie Bertuzzi‘s cousin he’s my friend
Justin Travis
Justin Travis 3 months ago
How do you name a video toast and corpse against courage or whatever it is and have toast dead all game.cough cough clickbateing poopoostinkyhead
Liam Ward
Liam Ward 3 months ago
I liked the video style where it was just jack's POV, this is too hectic switching pov like that
KingaX5 King
KingaX5 King 3 months ago
Courage I have a water bottle that big because of school and sports.
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 3 months ago
Karl’s Uber eats story 😂
SweShooga 3 months ago
1:56 That's what she said
Adam Crawford
Adam Crawford 3 months ago
Nice clickbait Courage Toast wasn’t even in that game lol
Dimitri Keshishyan
Dimitri Keshishyan 3 months ago
Someone link me the upper torso sized water jug. I wanna cop one lowkey.
BodgeBoss 3 months ago
Looking good courage. You look like youve lost some weight brother
Jordan Wren
Jordan Wren 3 months ago
Why does Karl looks so concerned😂
Dark XJQ
Dark XJQ 3 months ago
Jayden Villatoro
Jayden Villatoro 3 months ago
Dude I looked at the mouse you use and that is expensive
Julian Sanchez
Julian Sanchez 3 months ago
Bruh I ordered my nzxt pc a week before the sale, I could’ve saved $100😭😭😭
Ebrahim Enus
Ebrahim Enus 3 months ago
i love his intros man
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 3 months ago
Why isn't hafus name in the title she is the best player there
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 3 months ago
Hafu carried so hard
yeah Yeah
yeah Yeah 3 months ago
Among us has brought a lot of streamers and youtubers together and i really hope this game dies out and then gets new stuff and has everyone all play together again that would be cool to see peoples reactions to see eachother again
Batman's Baby Mama
Batman's Baby Mama 3 months ago
How does it work I want to know that's what a girl says when there parents teach them the birds and beea
HyS Frosty
HyS Frosty 3 months ago
I fw the editing! Makes it better when you can see the other streamers reactions
Trent Patterson
Trent Patterson 3 months ago
Corpse didn’t even see hafu vent lol! 🤣
Primus —*neef clan*—
love the editss !!!!
Homecker T
Homecker T 3 months ago
Your skinny af damn
D Dannoso
D Dannoso 3 months ago
When Hafu accused corpse of venting I really thought 5up was going to destroy her accusation
Arabella Francisco
Arabella Francisco 3 months ago
I really don't like Corpse being sussed 🖤 But cheers to you Courage 💙
Noah ONeil
Noah ONeil 3 months ago
Nzxt sold out of everything though
RP 1337
RP 1337 3 months ago
editing is next level here. gj!
Adrienne Crowe
Adrienne Crowe 3 months ago
You should play with Cody Ko
Lila Wittmer
Lila Wittmer 3 months ago
I love you to and I love your videos (:
Dylan Maples
Dylan Maples 3 months ago
Whoever edits these videos is insane
Tyler Noble
Tyler Noble 3 months ago
This editing is next level🙌
ツttvsweat69 3 months ago
love your vids bro so much dude your so funny and your not fat your not
2TANKED Maziarz
2TANKED Maziarz 3 months ago
Have a great day my hero
2TANKED Maziarz
2TANKED Maziarz 3 months ago
Courage do 3 imposters
highbeam neem
highbeam neem 3 months ago
hafu is nice!
Adam Ford
Adam Ford 3 months ago
You used to upload so much awesome varied content but now it’s just repetitive among us uploads 🤦‍♂️
Dakota DeMoss
Dakota DeMoss 3 months ago
Karl is such a pathetic dweeb.
NicalosGames 3 months ago
Courage from the start has been the best and the funniest player at among us! (Edit) : well.... after delirious on the funniest player
Kurbz DD
Kurbz DD 3 months ago
Stop playing with Karl he’s so fucking annoying
Stephanie Beil
Stephanie Beil 3 months ago
Bro the intro was like a movie trailer 😂
MATTWALD 3 months ago
800th comment
Yourmom Isgayasf
Yourmom Isgayasf 3 months ago
Hafu is the most annoying player, she says the dumbest things and her voice just tops of the annoyingness
Redpanda International Overseas P. Ltd.
Where Is the versus with Toast ?
Oakz 3 months ago
Dig the thumbnail Lmao
Goob 3 months ago
Courage I’m getting a pc from NZXT
nithin manuel
nithin manuel 3 months ago
Swpah high or something? .. The title makes no sense 😄
72 degrees
72 degrees 3 months ago
I would like a streamer pc so I can stream and play games with friends
Nathanael Garent
Nathanael Garent 3 months ago
Hafu: Corpse vented Corpse: Accepts his fate upon being sussed
Brandon Crowder
Brandon Crowder 3 months ago
I got a Taco Bell ad 😭😭
Shane Striano
Shane Striano 3 months ago
I like how you can see the faces of the streamers in the meeting. Cool edit edition. 👍🏼
Maysum 3 months ago
love the multi povs keep it up jack
DroxzyDJ 3 months ago
5:07 Taco Bell ad plays after ad imma order some Taco Bell best edit after ad I ever seen
FGI 3 months ago
that right shirt sleeve tho
Trenton Supalla
Trenton Supalla 3 months ago
It looks like he’s making a movie trailer at the beginning
Jason 3 months ago
Every thumbnail is the same \'O'/
Vɪʙᴇᴢ O
Vɪʙᴇᴢ O 3 months ago
Is it just me or does courage look thinner
Hulks Criky
Hulks Criky 3 months ago
1-4 as impostor rip
Requis 1
Requis 1 3 months ago
1:56 thats what she said
Chef James Jr.
Chef James Jr. 3 months ago
the edit on this is immaculate love the facecams
rita duhaut
rita duhaut 3 months ago
1:43 I found this working mod few minutes ago after last patch use ▶️ free4you.pro now I am Imposter all the time හා අපි රියසක්‍රීඩානිර්ණාපි ක්‍රීඩායකඉදිරිපQD
eknoor dhaliwal
eknoor dhaliwal 3 months ago
Imagine getting a heart from courage
John Simpson
John Simpson 3 months ago
J Smoove
J Smoove 3 months ago
Im brokeee but i want a pc so bad lmao
Evangeline Lazaro
Evangeline Lazaro 3 months ago
When i tried to make akinator guess couragejd it said is your character chubby and i said yes and it guessed couragejd😂😂😂😂😂
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia 3 months ago
F pokimane
Trvphur 3 months ago
This might be my favorite video now
Kadin Harris
Kadin Harris 3 months ago
Love your videos man
Brent Beneky
Brent Beneky 3 months ago
When you vote off Corpse and he isn’t imposter, you have truly lost your mind..
Papii_Sazon 3 months ago
I like his videos and his content but toast was almost dead the whole time lol good old clickbait haha
Colossal FN
Colossal FN 3 months ago
My dream pc would be GeForce rtx 380 build! It is such a cool pc!
Mute 3 months ago
I want that water bottle but I live in the uk🥲
xCxmp_NF 3 months ago
What do you stream on
Nahla 3 months ago
Courage I like your intros since your name courage do you like courage
Beardman262 3 months ago
Love the addition of the peoples streams when they talk !!
famila504 3 months ago
Joey Nesbitt
Joey Nesbitt 3 months ago
Justin Curtis
Justin Curtis 3 months ago
i would love the 1600 pc, that’s a lot of money on a built pc but i think it’d be worth it. Courage help a pal out for christmas?