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Dec 28, 2020




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CouRage 2 months ago
Drop a like on the video if this made you happy!
Koko Gamer9000
Koko Gamer9000 16 hours ago
I just watched mbgaming do this to you and now you are doing it lol
Han FuJIN 11 days ago
It ia fun, for once on u live u become Mr BEAST
evan romard
evan romard 15 days ago
I love this how you make people’s dreams .. if you take ideas from people to help support .. I watch this kid he has some followers but only gets a few people per stream he’s on the old Xbox with no web cam and can’t afford a webcam and I think he could use a surprise demonhunter785 I believe
Adnan Ljeskovica
Adnan Ljeskovica 16 days ago
God Bless you and all those people you donated money,you are such a humble and kind guy,got a new sub bro :)
Orange Ninja15
Orange Ninja15 19 days ago
and what if I said no im kidding
Fly fn !
Fly fn ! 6 hours ago
This video reminded me of you when mr beast did this to you
IDC TRASH 23 hours ago
😭😭😭😭 suicide is the worst thing
Trail Hoppers
The military one was it for me thank you for being so respectful
Brandon Hayes
Ok question what in your mind do you feel was faster, the time it took for you to fill in on your first desk spot commentator or your decision to do this?
Brandon Hayes
This video really makes me happy thank you.
Brayy 2 days ago
Your dancing skills are just as bad as your singing skills lol😂🤣
jonathan lopez
jonathan lopez 2 days ago
yeah, those videos are popular, unfortnely, exploiting it to creat a trend rather then showing people what kindnes really means, revurses the effect of good hearted actions in to actions that feels good. Whitch is you druging yourself with Endorphins. This is not good, and it does not forill its purpes. it has a revurse effect. people THINK they are kind but its actually an effect of petting them selfs in to illusion of beliving they are doing the right thing but in reality they are doing the wrong thing.
WOLF Gaming
WOLF Gaming 3 days ago
To think that he basically got big off being donated like $100,000 from Mr Beast now he’s donating 6 figures through sponsors, funny how some random person can change your life and you can be set for life off being in someone else’s video! Good on you courage!
bdawwg 017
bdawwg 017 4 days ago
Mr.. b.ea.st donoed to you before you were popular
Vince 4 days ago
Yeah nah if you donated me that I would have to refund it, it would be too much money for me to handle. 50,000????? I would be dead in a week if I got that
XxDarkDiiabloxX best player
Espresso depressso TM
Him singing along with the guy playing the guitar was so wholesome 😪
Youtubehommy 6 days ago
Feel bad for other people working so hard to donate $10 courage casually donating $5’000
Angel villalobos
Angel villalobos 7 days ago
you were in one of mr beasts video
will 7m
will 7m 7 days ago
You’re such a nice guy man you have done so much for so many people you’re gonna go so far in life my guy :D
Adam Craig
Adam Craig 7 days ago
Green headphones are a great idea, doesn’t look weird at all.
Fun Paste
Fun Paste 7 days ago
this is literally the second time ive cried joyously, I was cackling with tears coming down my face🤣 beautiful energy in this video
Skillsz GAYming
Skillsz GAYming 7 days ago
deym.. hope someone will donate me $20 im happy with that haha sad
Luca Desage
Luca Desage 7 days ago
Yo CouRage did not me east give you 35,000 dollars in ur live stream please answer
ese1ia 7 days ago
You're very courageous for doing this, This made me have a smile!!!!
R4Ng0 7 days ago
11:50 whats the music called?
Clint arvin Lopez
Mr beast feeling bri
Clint arvin Lopez
I still remember the mrbeast vid 70000$
Joseph Hughes
Joseph Hughes 11 days ago
Courage you are absolutely incredible. I've never seen anything like what you did for so many...you are a saint!
Anonymouse Tv
Anonymouse Tv 11 days ago
@CouRage how about me help my channel to promote
Wesley 11 days ago
i love this kind of content so much
GREEDO IV 11 days ago
Fantastic video. Loving the “banana” comment 🤣
Woop Woop
Woop Woop 12 days ago
Never seen anyone so hyped to donating money
Da-nte 12 days ago
Who would dislike this youtube should remove the dislike button
Luke 13 days ago
love that he supported a veteran and veterans as a whole in this video!
Mirza Haider
Mirza Haider 13 days ago
Who likes Courage with a beard like if you like his beard comment if you want to shave his beard
Nornaj Arella
Nornaj Arella 14 days ago
Tf youre incredible
Null &Void
Null &Void 15 days ago
Asmodial 15 days ago
Courage, I've watched you lightly over the last few years (I don't really watch gamers as much as I'd rather play) this video was enough to catch a sub from me.. awesome shit bro
Kat the gamer
Kat the gamer 16 days ago
Fun times with Isaac
Support my channel!!
Karim Ismail
Karim Ismail 17 days ago
I remember mr beast donate to you then your call yours parent.. And now you do the same thing,Respect!!
Jishan Shaikh
Jishan Shaikh 17 days ago
How is it not a million yet...
Paul Fernhout
Paul Fernhout 17 days ago
love this
Haydn Smith
Haydn Smith 18 days ago
15:58 love how his mate comes over to him on the game to check if he is okay
Few Things
Few Things 18 days ago
Gaming HQ
Gaming HQ 18 days ago
7:36 lmao
ruffneckglass 19 days ago
Mr. Feast
Crispy Fry
Crispy Fry 19 days ago
For some odd reason my mom likes to donate random streamers $50 just to hear her name then she will leave and find another streamer lol she said she's having fun
Whitte R
Whitte R 19 days ago
First guys reaction was so worth the wait! 🤣
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 19 days ago
This was beautiful
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 19 days ago
The first guy was happy I was wondering when he'll see it 😂
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 19 days ago
Hey hey I'm a new subscriber bless you all
Callum McKnight
Callum McKnight 19 days ago
A couple years ago : gets donated money by mr beast. Now : oh have the turns have tabled
Breezy HtK Gaming
Breezy HtK Gaming 19 days ago
Dang I’ll put that for my sons college .
Joshua Reeves
Joshua Reeves 20 days ago
The dude singing creep is good at singing!
FNCS qwxz
FNCS qwxz 21 day ago
Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king
Jheremyah Workneh
hold on........ did he just say marryo????
Dahbix LP
Dahbix LP 21 day ago
A moment of silence for ChefCody86...
pasindu pinidiya
pasindu pinidiya 21 day ago
I am happy for you man,mr beast helped you,and you are helping back
Very Loki
Very Loki 22 days ago
Co Rage
Elijah Browning
Elijah Browning 22 days ago
courage spending 50k yay MR.BEAST giving people 50k each lol
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming 23 days ago
you're the man
Konohamaru Gaming
Konohamaru Gaming 23 days ago
I see carrying the job of the guy who donated you.......(mr beast)
vishwanth padma
vishwanth padma 23 days ago
Mr beast is happy :)
Gold Osburn
Gold Osburn 23 days ago
I wish I can stream with my phone so I can get enough money to get my stuff from new computer curse you snow storm for frying my computer it was annoying because I had to put my book on hold now
powerstrike gaming
powerstrike gaming 23 days ago
What ass hole would dislike this
Sarbagya Khanal
Sarbagya Khanal 24 days ago
Holy bananas
Voosh Moozik
Voosh Moozik 24 days ago
most if not all streamers receiving those donations must be thinking "i wish this wasn't a charity stream", almost certain
Kevin MacDonald
Kevin MacDonald 25 days ago
Siiiiilent niiiiiiight.......holy COW
The Mayo
The Mayo 26 days ago
Hector Rodriquez
Hector Rodriquez 26 days ago
Drones Eye View
Drones Eye View 26 days ago
Congrats and well done. Keep up the good work.
Herbert TV
Herbert TV 26 days ago
Donate for Leahtopia plssssss
Kylie Watkins
Kylie Watkins 26 days ago
Anyone realize the first guy sounds like markiplier???
Axelv Valdez
Axelv Valdez 27 days ago
The sweater dude what is his twitch 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nathan O'Keefe
Nathan O'Keefe 27 days ago
Wh...why is my face leaking?
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 27 days ago
Best Duet Ever!
Aranath 025
Aranath 025 27 days ago
here hoping to be one of those lucky people xD if i got 5000$ im gonna use it for my wedding
Bloxyxlle 27 days ago
yo dude, your like the one that mrbeast gave or what i meant your the streamer.
KillerPongLenis 27 days ago
Mbn 😭 I'm my own first donation on Twitch😭
Zee Traveler
Zee Traveler 28 days ago
Alex Brennan
Alex Brennan 28 days ago
Thank you colerage
Bobby Fernandez
Bobby Fernandez 28 days ago
😪😪😪😪 damn onions. Great work
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 28 days ago
You are the coolest bro
Jhbh Ghgg
Jhbh Ghgg 29 days ago
I hate courage’s face , thought this was a TimTheTatMan video :(
allgames bro
allgames bro 29 days ago
Idk if u will see this but my school does the american heart charity fundraiser
E MEME Month ago
Bro CouRage u remember when mr.beast donate u 70,000 ;)
Julian Rodriguez
Love this!
Honeii Month ago
I recently gained 10 subs I'm at 18 now I'm so happy , this makes me happy to see streamers getting closer to their dream
Percocet Sadness
Only ogs remember when courage got 50,000 by mrbreast when he was a small streamer
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor Month ago
People looking for new streamers on twitch spacedragon02 is so funny
Gabrielle Drake
Gabrielle Drake Month ago
My dad is a veteran. He’s been through a lot & he’s lost friends to suicide. It means the world you chose this cause to donate to !!! You’re a great person
Verbal Swag Rawkey
I’m empathetic to a fault. Sometimes lessor acquaintances take advantage, but they don’t know what they’re missing. The joy I’m gettn from watching this is priceless. I shall leave you with a tear falling and my slogan. I’m thinking about doing the tshirt thing, starting with it. “NICENESS IS BETTER THAN NOT NICENESS” Bam!!
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez Month ago
Using others money to make money lol fucking smart
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez Month ago
Not even ur donations bruh lol crazy
Gabriel Polk
Gabriel Polk Month ago
I am so weird when the man wit the guitar started I saw u wit your phone doing the light thing so I went back 10 seconds and did it 😂 lol
Warner Franz
Warner Franz Month ago
Co rage is the best
Anthony Odum
Anthony Odum Month ago
I remember when Mr beast daonted to you
yilly Month ago
The girl in the onesie is now an icon
parsa w
parsa w Month ago
and now his turning to mrbeast. great!
Princess Cerby
Princess Cerby Month ago
I love what you do to see people do this makes me happy but do you think people would help me since I wanna raise money to help me get my bottom surgery down there since it’s not cheap :/
Marcello Lionel Wahyudi
The firasat guy go to his USlift channel and subscribe because it means 5000$ for him
wabbet the simp
wabbet the simp Month ago
Who remembers when mr beast did this for small streamers for fortnite and if they lost the game they 10k would be passed on to the next person