Most Viewed Fortnite Twitch Clips of ALL TIME 

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Feb 13, 2021




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Comments 100   
CouRage 16 days ago
Drop a like on the video if you miss OG FORTNITE!
Tate Brookens
Tate Brookens 5 days ago
You just got ratioโ€™d by your second channel ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ณ
Ch4rL1e 6 days ago
Yea I do as well I remember the old ninja
CallMeCodex 10 days ago
Jack dunlopo my cousin is a fan
Bacon Gamer
Bacon Gamer 12 days ago
Devyn Crant
Devyn Crant 13 days ago
Yes pls more fortnite instead call of duty, and among us pls I hope 1 day youโ€™ll be addicted to fortnite again
Alex on EU
Alex on EU 7 hours ago
U should play more warzone and can u play rocket league ?
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2 days ago
I was a gamer before fortnite I used to play like cod lego games stuff like that
Jake Morton
Jake Morton 2 days ago
The chaRgeD roCkeT
Owen Willis
Owen Willis 3 days ago
Deagle is back!
Kekaulike Ishikawa
The hand cannon aka Eagle is back in Fortnite
Sarah Bambrick
Sarah Bambrick 4 days ago
It looked weird seeing Nickmerchs playing not so close to the camera.
Henri Boulerice
Henri Boulerice 4 days ago
I remember courage from the mr beast vid
AndersTC 4 days ago
Fortnite with the double pump is good new fortnite is bad I think
WillisIsAwesome 4 days ago
OG Fortnite is a top 3 game of all time.
Clips 4 days ago
Courage: "this is when I won 70k from Mr beast" *miniminter*: am I a joke to you?
Knowswereyoulive YT
Im not seeing any movement ๐Ÿ˜‚
nickolas nickolas
When you just warming up to play arena LOL 9:50
jose Jimenez
jose Jimenez 5 days ago
What about that clip when muslk accident kill chapuduldo ( sorry I forget how to spell his name)
K1L Silo
K1L Silo 5 days ago
Courage acts like he hasnโ€™t seen them all ๐Ÿ˜ญ
James K
James K 5 days ago
More more more
KNALLSTARS 5 days ago
yo the deagle is back bro
C led
C led 5 days ago
That no gravity though lol
juniper711 6 days ago
Play Cizzors deathrun 1.0
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 6 days ago
Fortnite made me start gaming so much more now i play warzone. I really got to give it to fortnite.
Quad 6 days ago
โ€œWhen I won $70,000 from MrBeast Simon: ๐Ÿงฟ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿงฟ
Marcela Lopez
Marcela Lopez 7 days ago
Young wheezy fortnite mods
D Flores
D Flores 7 days ago
Warzone is better than fortnite
Robert Lane
Robert Lane 7 days ago
OG fortnite might be the best game ever no cap
night slayer
night slayer 7 days ago
Fortnite hands down best battle royale ever
Brian Umana
Brian Umana 7 days ago
You should play fortnite again that was fun watching play with cizzorz
CaesarSalad86 7 days ago
OG Fortnite has a good warm feeling I could explain to you all. Itโ€™s the simple stuff that makes me miss it. The music, og guns, og locations. The streamers and their cliques. The weekend hopping in squads with friends. Iโ€™ll miss it
Timothy Amoako
Timothy Amoako 7 days ago
If they did not crank or no creative or playground this game could be saved
Stea1th 8 days ago
I died when he said charge rocket
Hashmi SZN
Hashmi SZN 8 days ago
1:16 laugh of an anime character ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
HopedOhio 3274
HopedOhio 3274 8 days ago
I remember watching the myth guided missile clip live in class the day it came out
X-RAY GAMING 8 days ago
I miss the old Fortnite so much dude
Mikmanmikkle 8 days ago
Wait... are those the rarer blackshark headphones? If they are, are they v1 or v2. I got the same ones as well!
MR DINO 8 days ago
the only one missing is the one where you met connor
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow 9 days ago
Sypher is always ready to play fornite
Joseph Vallejo
Joseph Vallejo 9 days ago
Nothing can top og fortnite
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 9 days ago
Og Fortnite is better
Isaac Rakes
Isaac Rakes 9 days ago
Ninja is kinda a sore loser tbh
Isaac Rakes
Isaac Rakes 9 days ago
I personally didn't really like fortnote at all tbh
AOgalaxy 9 days ago
Brings back so much stuff uwu
Nicholas Vizzacco
cant enjoy the clips lol hes just talking over every single one of them
EternalZERO 9 days ago
My most fav are when u win with connor...
Miguel Miguel
Miguel Miguel 9 days ago
Man I miss courage casting cod soooo much
Aarav Ailani
Aarav Ailani 9 days ago
Yes it the best
Olivier Marti
Olivier Marti 10 days ago
14:25 thats facts
bloonky playz
bloonky playz 10 days ago
I watched that vid just yesterday
Dark Unit42
Dark Unit42 10 days ago
Really wanna hate Fortnite and I do but OG Fortnite made me turn to the gamer side
Dark Unit42
Dark Unit42 10 days ago
AJFromTarget 10 days ago
I became a gamer because my dad started playing BO2 with me when I was young
bob marley
bob marley 10 days ago
Ninja is my favorite moment " IM NOT SEEING ENOUGH MOVEMENT"
N0PucksGiven 10 days ago
I need you to comm over my CoD game play
Wil the person
Wil the person 10 days ago
7:42 I thought that was dj Khalid ๐Ÿค”
Anthony Chapman
Anthony Chapman 10 days ago
My Siri responded to the clip where the steamer had the longest stream without a win
RIPJuice 10 days ago
Ily doc disrespect he was so cool back in the day
Opti 10 days ago
Brings back so many memories! Loved this
PapaGibby13 10 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about one of the best fortnite players ever Blink VII
PapaGibby13 10 days ago
I hate fortnite with a dying passion now, but OG fortnite did not have any rivals it was the best game in the world But you know what they say. โ€œNothing Gold can stayโ€
Jeff Pop
Jeff Pop 10 days ago
The reaction videos are so great. Youโ€™re killing it with them.
Joshua Green
Joshua Green 10 days ago
Courage ainโ€™t gonna see this but FORTNITE IS NOT BAD JUST THE COMMUNITY
Cozy_Panda 11 days ago
Courage: โ€œFortnite made kids gamers!!!โ€ Me: *Playing cod* 4 yo: โ€œYOUR DOG S*IT. YOUR DOG.. GET GOOD SO BAD. OMG YOUR SO BAD. IM 4 YO AND IM BETTER. DOG S*IT.โ€ Me: โ€œok kid come down buddy. I know your parents arenโ€™t home but itโ€™s ok. Iโ€™m sorry they left you but thatโ€™s not my problem.โ€
Clapsy_kid 11 days ago
8:00 = insane mic
King Tard
King Tard 11 days ago
Freshnochos88 11 days ago
Iโ€™m 11 now bout to turn 12 I remember December 2017 (so Iโ€™m like 7 or 8) I asked told my mom โ€œ hey mom can I get this cool cool game itโ€™s called fortnite I think and she said sure if itโ€™s free.โ€ And from that day on I started to really star gaming,fun fact my moms cousin was getting married so Iโ€™m like all dressed up and I see fortnites little into video that would play. Ahhhh man I remember like it was yesterday.
Cody Hastie
Cody Hastie 11 days ago
Pls play fortnite !
KNG Stingy Jewel
KNG Stingy Jewel 11 days ago
Courage play Fortnite
Fred Severance
Fred Severance 11 days ago
OG fortnite wasnt the best battle royale, it was the best game ever
Bowl Johnso
Bowl Johnso 11 days ago
at 5:04 he said charge rocket bruh
Dutch Sell
Dutch Sell 11 days ago
Kids are gamers cause of fortnite...... Me: *started gaming because of madden
Logan Starkey
Logan Starkey 11 days ago
Surprised, โ€œdo you always play with boys this ageโ€ isnโ€™t here
unknownshdws 11 days ago
Did courage ? Did courage call the guided missile A charge rocket?
Maaason Beams
Maaason Beams 11 days ago
Can u please play more fornite
REVz 11 days ago
I had to skip The Ninja Floss clip, its too much
Santiago De La Riva
thats actually the guided missile not charge rocket.lol
cian tansey
cian tansey 11 days ago
15:49 now everyone calls them Fortnite kids because they play fortnite
kanser gaming
kanser gaming 11 days ago
Fun fact:j started gaming because pf cs 1.6 and gta ....i started playing when im 5 yrs old in a computer shop with my cousins and brother ... im 14 now
Luke Cross
Luke Cross 11 days ago
courage always forgets that simon (miniminter) gave him half that 70k. wasnt all mr beast
Teagan Simpson
Teagan Simpson 11 days ago
3:41 we not gonna talk about the blue ar did 35 damage
otdavid 11 days ago
Kid: Daddy wats up Dad: "Ur free"
NVT Pilot.
NVT Pilot. 11 days ago
if you played off stream and uploaded fortnite that be cool. Now days stream snipers ruin the game.
ShodyAF 11 days ago
Then warzone came
Dylan Villanueva
Dylan Villanueva 11 days ago
Itโ€™s crazy how big streamers and USliftrs talk shit about fn even though fn built them
66Dustin 12 days ago
Nick and aydan clip gives me chills every time
Editzx 432
Editzx 432 12 days ago
I only got in to gaming cause of watching my brother now Iโ€™m getting 200 points every tournament
Ben Serpell
Ben Serpell 12 days ago
Even noises of Fortnite have changed so much, the old gun noises, storm.. everything Used to be so much better
Denny Spinelli
Denny Spinelli 12 days ago
That guy at 8:08 he laughs just like courage lol
DwarpYT 12 days ago
Bro if you donโ€™t say fortnite was the best or is the best you are high itโ€™s like one of the only different battle royals ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ why is it dieing
orhan dilli
orhan dilli 12 days ago
J. Bennett
J. Bennett 12 days ago
God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before itโ€™s to late
Master Chiefy
Master Chiefy 12 days ago
you should trio with doc and Z .......
isaiah traversy
isaiah traversy 12 days ago
10:38 courang trying to dance
Victor Espinosa
Victor Espinosa 12 days ago
I think you mean that it made many kids toxic little shits
Lance McGlothlin
Lance McGlothlin 12 days ago
Best warzone rage clips lol
K Sheezy
K Sheezy 12 days ago
If ninja would have wrote "possible stream snipping" the outcome of hatred would have been much different
Alexander Gonzalez Martinez
am not seeing enough movement
Izzy 12 days ago
Fortnite was the worse games ever lol
AC_DUBZ 12 days ago
Og fort was the best video game of all time.
Xiah Bemo
Xiah Bemo 12 days ago
Fortnite in its prime was the best game ever everyone would wake up and want to play
Wk Corey
Wk Corey 12 days ago
Patrick Neale
Patrick Neale 12 days ago
Play more fortnite bro
scorpion 108
scorpion 108 13 days ago
Can u play more fortnite ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ
DJ Christianson
DJ Christianson 13 days ago
watching you play fortnite back in the day was what got me into watching twitch and watching gamers stream!
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