Ranking the BEST Among Us players... (Tier List) 

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Jan 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
CouRage Month ago
Drop a like on the video for another Tier List video!
Chrisy Toman
Chrisy Toman Day ago
Romeroboys 685
Romeroboys 685 3 days ago
Rae and wildcat should be switched
Woodlan_hoops 6 days ago
Will you do a best imposter list?
Cherri Picard
Cherri Picard 11 days ago
You need to make an imposter one now its over 30000 likes
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 13 days ago
Corpse goes giga brainnnnn
Nicole V
Nicole V 8 hours ago
Poki 100000000000000 percent shouldve been detective.
Cody James
Cody James 9 hours ago
Where's Sypher PK?
Tidalwave Warrior
Tidalwave Warrior 9 hours ago
They are not the best but In my opinion the sidemen do the best among us content
William Orris
William Orris 12 hours ago
Karl jacobs is GIGA BRAIN
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 17 hours ago
Time to deliver that imposter tier list Jack
Michael Bardan
Choog Day ago
So no gaming golem xqc?
Dennis Wiebler
Corpse is so absolutely God Tier, I don't know what you are talking about :-D he's a godly impostor and crewmate
jaden lucas10
i think he just dont understand that sykkuno is a genius and memer player but that just how the game make more fun.
Kmahni Gill
Kmahni Gill Day ago
Where is zmde he is also good
Pls zmde is good
Dolphin Boy123
Dolphin Boy123 2 days ago
You have to do it with scott
Luka Bokhua
Luka Bokhua 2 days ago
Love Ya Big T
kingkillar 2 days ago
Good vid but what about Train, Ludwig and Dumbdog
Sam Wood
Sam Wood 2 days ago
I think she'd just be good crewmate on this list but on an impostor list Wolfabelle would have to be on it because she is the most bloodthirsty cooldown killer ever
Keshaun Monge
Keshaun Monge 3 days ago
when we getting that imposter tier list
svu 11
svu 11 3 days ago
he didnt feature the jesus of youtube. im dissapointed and my day is ruined.
brix tom
brix tom 4 days ago
toast is so good he is alwaly so gonna as impostor and crewmate im just shook
ReFLexX ii
ReFLexX ii 4 days ago
We need that Top tier imposter list!
Future World
Future World 4 days ago
Toast is the god
Trickster 4 days ago
I think corpse deserves to be in gigabrain list as he's a deadliest imposter and he would get away with anything using his voice🦋 Corpse fans hit like❤️
TJ Waggo
TJ Waggo 4 days ago
Corpse gigs brain
Janelle Artazo
Janelle Artazo 4 days ago
I saw the thumbnail and my mouth went DOWN,why did you put Sykkuno at C?
Krave 5 days ago
5up is better than toast change my mind
TacosWithQueso 5 days ago
No kyr, sidearms, or d4?
Chocolate pog
Chocolate pog 5 days ago
Bruh 5up should be GIGA BRAIN
SWIFT BL4DE 6 days ago
vanoss should be gigabrain bc of how well he reads his friends
Jordan Newhouse
Jordan Newhouse 6 days ago
Sykunno and corpse should be in detective
Markshadow 02
Markshadow 02 6 days ago
Alpharad wasn’t here because he is too good for his tier to fit on the list
Connor B
Connor B 6 days ago
I think your wrong on cizzors I think he should be in the hell section
Clutch Reacts
Clutch Reacts 6 days ago
Cizzorz game with toast 😂😂 was huge and ive seen it multiple times poor guy lmaoo
Saar Namir
Saar Namir 7 days ago
Courage is excellent as a filler. To keep the game going until someone competent logs in. Overall mediocre player and pretty much forgetable.
anthony polanco
anthony polanco 8 days ago
Poki is detective only mistake
Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith 8 days ago
Can’t have Hafu at detective
Ayesha Thabassum
Ayesha Thabassum 8 days ago
I hate it this list,I completely disagree with this☹
Soofia Majid
Soofia Majid 9 days ago
Poki is a hundred percent giga brain and corpse is detective for sure bro
Lewis Bartholomew
I think poki is gigabrain
Babi 9 days ago
wheres zmde
Andrei Mendoza
Andrei Mendoza 9 days ago
Me See if delerious is here delerious 1st Me: Ok Bye
Master9x3r4n_ 9 days ago
I agree with this list except I would put Poki and Rae in Detective level. I don't really watch Poki's videos but from what I see from others pov she's really good at finding the imposter based on their behavior. I agree with your points with Rae except that I feel like you put her up too high.
Bilguundalai Ishgerel
What about Ash
LexThunder 10 days ago
Where is socksfor1?
Orianna Allen
Orianna Allen 10 days ago
Where’s ZMDE?
Vijay Raghav
Vijay Raghav 10 days ago
Public lobbies : literally every single person is mayhem
DxyR Alfie
DxyR Alfie 10 days ago
Vanoss literally can tell the difference between his best friends real voice and their acting voicr that's a free win and all of his accusations are mostly true he definitely deserve giga brain
j a s o n ' t
j a s o n ' t 10 days ago
I disagree with Hafu, just like Toast, i feel like Hafu belongs to the giga brain tier imo
Kandy 11 days ago
Who else knew sykkuno would be in the third impostor? Lol
gamernoob 1
gamernoob 1 11 days ago
You guys should this trick by just guessing the killer and I get 99% rate of getting it right
gamernoob 1
gamernoob 1 11 days ago
Here a Secret you should guess people
Crazy Cat Llady
Crazy Cat Llady 11 days ago
The only one I disagree on is Karl because I would probably put him on detective but not giga brain even tho he has his moments
CensingMist5688 11 days ago
It’s been past 30k likes can we get an imposter tier list?
Sanchir-Erdene Baatarzorig
poki should be detec
it's v
it's v 11 days ago
completely agree
Kollin Leyden
Kollin Leyden 12 days ago
Jack your definetly giga brain
Professional Chris
Professional Chris 12 days ago
I think I disagree w 4 picks, I think Valkyrae, Corpse & Poki deserve to be in detective & KSI in Mayhem, his videos are way too crazy & funny lmao & I dont think Valkyrae is in the same level as Giga Brain as Toast imo
Scopez Dayz
Scopez Dayz 12 days ago
Corpse is S tier for me
Kaitlyn Standefer
Kaitlyn Standefer 12 days ago
i personally think poki could be detective level for crewmate and imposter, i think overall she’s a very solid player :)
CassFNCS 12 days ago
Me : If Corpse is not on here... I am unsubscribing. If he is on here, I am liking
Suyash Pandey
Suyash Pandey 12 days ago
Hey courage pls make a impostor tier list you got 51k likes so please ,love your vids
JD Fuzz
JD Fuzz 12 days ago
Pokimane is definitely in the detective tier! Hands down
KramTzy Gaming
KramTzy Gaming 13 days ago
Toast is the Best Among Us
tibba r
tibba r 13 days ago
I feel poki should be detective, if you’re imposter and poki is still alive she’s going to sus you out
Sooner Fan01
Sooner Fan01 13 days ago
Where’s Ludwig?
Therealking69 13 days ago
where is socksfor1, he is toptier/ giga brain
Feren Fadilla
Feren Fadilla 13 days ago
since this is a crewmate tier list, poki should be detective. even the highest tier impostors don't mess around with her when she plays crewmate bc she's really calculating
Anonymous Xxx
Anonymous Xxx 13 days ago
I love ninja but watching him play among us is impossible
Johnathan Jupiter
Johnathan Jupiter 13 days ago
Smii7y Is 1000% mayhem
1Invinc 13 days ago
Where would you put MoistCritical?
James Castro
James Castro 13 days ago
CouRage, do you even anything about H2ODelirious being doing in anything Among Us, he’s being a 3rd imposter to Nogla but always been sus to him, so you could have just give him a Giga brain.
The Daily Egg
The Daily Egg 13 days ago
My crewmate list: S: Toast, Lupo A: Hafu, 5up, Rae, sykkuno when not trolling could be s tier, but the fact that he never really uses that to win puts him at third imposter or Crewmate. Imposter tier list: S: Hafu, 5up, Rae, corpse A: toast, and others
Sreehari . H
Sreehari . H 13 days ago
Sykkuno is a realy good imposter , his best imposter play was the haunted storage
Kristian Panayotov
Kristian Panayotov 13 days ago
What about Janet?
GhostPaw 13 days ago
Rip Cizz
Crowls 14 days ago
5up hafu are better than valkyrae no disrespect to her tho
Hanime 14 days ago
Me: i wonder how corage is gonna class tommy... Corage: Tommy? Mayhem. Me: understandable. Have a nice day.
Transparent Eclipse
Rae is a detective. Not near the level of the other gigabrains.
Seb 14 days ago
Can we all agree valkyrae is the goat impostor
Muffin Button
Muffin Button 15 days ago
I'm noticing a distinct lack of a puffer fish.
Tabby Animations
Tabby Animations 15 days ago
What about tubbo? He’s the best!
Batman 1969
Batman 1969 15 days ago
How is 5up not in giga brain and in detective? He’s literally knows as the greatest impostor of among us and was confirmed by 5up
Jason Alcudia
Jason Alcudia 15 days ago
Chloe Hannah
Chloe Hannah 16 days ago
hOw iS CORPSE oNLy iN gOOd cReWmAtE hE iS tHe biGGeSt GIGA BRAIN!!!!!!!!!
Hari Shyam
Hari Shyam 17 days ago
Toast - not only is he smart but he got them power to influence people with animal noises.
Hari Shyam
Hari Shyam 17 days ago
Sykkuno is an inbuilt jester, leave him alive, and he'll tag along with impostors and he'll even vouch for them. But he does all that for the memes, he's smart and he often comes up with genius plans to narrow the impostors down.
that one hispanic
that one hispanic 17 days ago
This game is dead now no new maps boring now
Ju Amy
Ju Amy 17 days ago
I generally agree with this but I would put 5up on Giga Brain. He’s so good at keeping track of everyone and makes perfect plans every time something changes.
carrot cake
carrot cake 17 days ago
Toast is nothing less than then S tier
Speed Fighter
Speed Fighter 17 days ago
I actually think I might be a good crew mate and I am young
JCBiggs 17 days ago
Charlie not being on here is a sin
Marcus Crews
Marcus Crews 17 days ago
Hafu's weak point: 5up 5up's weak point: 5up
RENZENgaming 18 days ago
Yo what are you taking about nogla is definitely giga brain
Captain Lollipop
Captain Lollipop 18 days ago
Toast, Hafu, and 5up all deserve to be in the top tier. Sykkuno deserves to be in the second highest tier because he’s really smart but memes too often.
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia 18 days ago
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia 18 days ago
Ghost_ Fire
Ghost_ Fire 18 days ago
I think Poki and Corpse would actually fall on Detective. They both have been able to discover the imposters with little info.
Mar Asf
Mar Asf 18 days ago
Poki is detective fs
the minecrafter7455 studio
I think ZMDE is the best among us player
Jonathan Axentioiu
Jonathan Axentioiu 18 days ago
Hafu is gigabrain! Sykkuno is a detective level.
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee 18 days ago
Poki is better than Rea. Sykunno is WAY better than 3rd imposter. No cap
Who am I?
Who am I? 18 days ago
To me corpse definitely has improved a lot in has detective skills, but he gets talked over or people just don't trust him thinking he is big braining. And toast, that dude! I still watch his videos and he has definitely not degraded in his skills! He just goes with the flow these days without being sweaty. People still follow his lead even after they are betrayed by him as imposter a million times.
Fedja F
Fedja F 19 days ago
I really like Rae, but know way she is above Hafu. It's apsured 🥱